Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex: One-Stop For a Great Time

If you love movies, shopping, and food you need to plan a visit to Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex! Your one-stop in Branson for a great time that includes live shows, the latest Hollywood hits, great food and unique shopping experiences, all in one place. During our sponsored #BloggingBranson trip we stopped to learn a little about the Ozarks history and fill our bellies with deliciousness.

Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex: Shopping, Food, and Movies in One Place!

Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex
One-Stop for a Great Time

Not only does Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex play hot movies like Avengers: Infinity War they also offer live shows in their Little Opry Theater as well as offer daily showings of Ozarks Legacy & Legend. We watched the film on the largest IMAX screen I’ve ever seen with Laser 3D! I felt like I was riding along in the plane over the Ozarks during one of the scenes.

After watching the film we got a behind the scenes tour of Branson’s IMAX thanks to Trent, the man who makes all the magic happen on the screen. He talked about the evolution of film over the years and how it’s gone from reels to digital. He actually preferred the old way because it took less time to get ready and with digital, a code unlocks the movie when the studio says so you can’t really test out the movies for any problems before opening night. The plus to digital is not messing with gigantic canisters the old film reels were delivered in.

Behind the Scenes at Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex After the tour, we stopped for lunch at McFarlain’s Restaurant. Inspired by Ozarks Legacy & Legend, this family restaurant offers Ozarks cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a fun time on the side!

McFarlain's Restaurant at Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex

Cornbread is one of my favorite kinds of bread so I dug right in when we got to the table. You can’t visit Branson without having Friend Green Tomatoes and they are a daily favorite at McFarlain’s. For the main course I went with homemade vegetable beef soup and a freshly made turkey sandwich. SO good and easy to eat considering I broke my tooth earlier that morning. My husband ordered the McFarlain’s Special and devoured every last bite of the open-faced hot beef sandwich before I could snap a picture. Safe to say it was delicious.

Food at McFarlain's Restaurant in Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex

The atmosphere and friendliness of the staff complete the experience at McFarlain’s in Branson perfectly. If you go, ask for the hydraulic table, but don’t tell anyone else in your party. Randomly while you are eating dinner the table starts to rise lifting your food up slowly. It’s quite funny and not something you find often when dining out, if ever!

Decor at McFarlain's Restaurant in Branson's IMAX Entertianment Complex

The indoor shopping mall at Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex is a great way to start or end your visit. With  17 different specialty shops, there are all kinds of things to look at. While you’re browsing, check out the car from Ozarks Legacy & Legend. It’s now used for a radio show that is recorded inside!

Inside Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex

Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex is a unique experience for the whole family. Take in a show, enjoy a meal, and do some shopping all in one place!
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Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex: Movie Theater, McFarlain's Restaurant, and Shopping

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  1. I love that there is so much fun packed into once place. Dinner and a movie… a little shopping and dinner. The possibilities are endless which is awesome for family fun! #BloggingBranson

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