Superheroes, Santas, and Traditional Holiday Songs at Branson Theaters Christmas Shows

As a Blogging Branson Ambassador, I was provided with complimentary tickets to several Branson Theaters Christmas Shows. Any opinions are 100% my own.  

Pack up the car, fill up the thermos with hot cocoa, and tell Siri to give you directions to Branson this holiday season. Not only does an Ozark Mountain Christmas offer a journey for your senses in Silver Dollar City and aboard Showboat Branson Belle but it also offers superheroes, Santas, and traditional holiday songs at Branson Theaters Christmas Shows!

Superheroes, Santas, and Traditional Holiday Songs at
Branson Theaters Christmas Shows

The holiday season has been in full swing in Branson since the beginning of November. They pull out all the stops when it comes to celebrating Christmas. That includes all the Branson Theaters Christmas Shows that celebrate the reason for the season.

Hughes Brothers Christmas Show is Non-Stop Christmas FUN!

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to dance in my seat at several Branson Shows that had me humming my favorite Christmas tunes for days. Do you have favorite holiday songs that make you sing along every time you hear them? One of mine is Jingle Bells and I absolutely loved the version I heard during the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show!

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I fell in love with the Hughes Family, all 50+ members of them, when I saw them last April. The Hughes Brothers Christmas Show took it to another level had me wishing the “All Christmas” radio station was already playing on my drive back home.

The first half of the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show was filled with all sorts of beautiful and fun holiday songs. The atmosphere from the second row is magical as many of the performers sit on the steps while singing and playing everything from guitars to violins to bells. The bells were beyond heavenly and one of my favorite parts.

The second half of the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show delivers Santa to the stage to remind us of the reason for the season. Songs and reenactments teaching the meaning of the symbols of Christmas from candy canes to bows to the color red, and more.

I really REALLY enjoyed the whole show, and especially the second half. All families should make a point to see the show this season in Branson specifically for that. It’s a really great reminder and you’ll probably learn something new. Plus, you can buy Mama Hughes’  Swedish Pepparkakors during intermission and they are to die for!

After the show, I got the awesome opportunity to chat with Jason Hughes, one of the four Hughes brothers who perform in the show and the one who caught me dancing in my seat! If you missed the Facebook Live you can check it out below.

Kids Will LOVE Clay Cooper’s Christmas Express

Another Branson show to take the whole family to is Clay Cooper’s Christmas Express! Let me tell ya, Mr. Cooper is quite the funny guy and he always gets the audience going. About 10 minutes in I’m secretly wishing I’d worn Depends because this mama’s bladder can’t handle all the laughter and I don’t want to miss a second of it.

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The first half of Clay Cooper’s Christmas Express is much like his regular season shows. Favorite country hits, popular songs from now, and lots more sprinkled in the mix including a few impersonations.  Clay Cooper and Matt Gumm hit it out of the park with their musical impersonations and it is a must see!

The second half of Clay Cooper’s Christmas Express pulls into the holiday station and families don’t want to miss this! While things start off normal with Santa and his toys, it takes an entertaining turn with superheroes and one of our favorite holiday icons.

The Riddler and Mr. Penguin arrive and Batman and Robin have to save the day. Highly entertaining and a unique twist to the typical holiday shows you can see.

The Grinch also arrives and this was one of the BEST Grinch costumes I’ve ever seen. Matt Gum killed it once again and as a fan of the original Grinch I’m really glad this is a portion of the show.

After the show, I chatted with James, one of the talented voices in Third Power (who perform in the Clay Cooper show) about the fun twist to this year’s show! If you missed the Facebook Live you can check it out below.

Tradition Fills the Heart at Baldknobbers Christmas Show

When it comes to tradition in Branson, Baldknobbers is where it’s at. The family that started the family entertainment business in Branson, the Mabe’s put on a beautiful Christmas Show filled with holiday favorites and one of the best versions of Little Drummer boy I’ve ever heard. Like every time it’s on the radio I hear Brandon’s voice in my head lol!

Another voice that won’t leave your head after seeing Branson’s Famous Baldkobbers is Megan Mabe’s. A talented and beautiful woman that captivate your heart when she’s on stage. I’m also a bit jealous of her closet and jewelry box!

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She is always an amazing sweetheart and took time to chat with me after the show. If you missed the Facebook Live you can check it out below.

The comedy many know and love about the Baldknobbers is still there, even for the Christmas show. Hargus and Droopy are always a hit with people of all ages because their antics are pretty comical and they are great at getting the crowd going.

Another great holiday show in Branson that is filled with nostalgia is Andy Williams Ozark Mountain Christmas Show! The show stars The Lennon Sisters and is hosted by Jimmy Osmond, don’t worry, he does some singing too!

Other stars of the show include Charlie Green from Britain’s Got Talent, AYO – Voices of Glory from America’s Got Talent, along with ice skaters, costumed characters, and Andy Williams joining the show on the big screen with old footage to reminisce over.

These are just four of many great shows to take in during the holidays in Branson. Most shows run through the end of December if you are still planning a holiday experience to remember.

Learn more about the shows and reserving tickets at the official websites below!

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