Benefits of Working for Omaha Steaks this Holiday Season

*I partnered with Omaha Steaks for this post and any opinions are 100% my own. 

Omaha Steaks is planning on hiring over 4,000 people in the Omaha Area for the holidays this season. The Omaha Steaks Holiday Job Fair is going on now and I recently walked you through the Omaha Steaks Job Fair Process. Now, it’s time to talk about what everyone wants to know…..

What are the benefits of working for Omaha Steaks this Holiday Season?

1) You can earn up to $2,500 (or more) during the holidays. That is great for presents, Summer Vacation plans, bills, or savings.

2) Earn up to $16.00/ hour for top positions. Some positions are a set hourly rate and others are a set hourly rate + commission. I got the chance to sit it on some calls with one of the top In-Bound Representatives. Not only does she make good money, but she also loves her job. Isn’t that what everyone wants?
3) You have the chance to win $1,000 every week in November and December! Think of all the things you could buy or save for with that money!


Lots of incentives and drawings to boost those paychecks at @omahasteaks! #holidayjobs #ad

4) You have the chance to win $100 on-the-spot at the Omaha Steaks Holiday Job Fairs! When you pick up your complimentary Omaha Steaks Seasoning after getting your schedule, you just might pick the winner of the day!

4) Omaha Steaks rehires can earn up to $500 for coming back year after year. Each year the bonus increases, for up to 5 years, and that is one of the reasons many people come back year after year for the holidays.

5) You can enjoy a discount on Omaha Steaks Gourmet Food for entire year! Steaks, burgers, seafood, side dishes, desserts, and more at even lower prices? Yes, please!

6) Some positions allow for beyond seasonal employment. The best of the best may find themselves working for Omaha Steaks year round. Holiday employment at Omaha Steaks really could be the foot in the door to the job that you love. 

Do you or have you worked for Omaha Steaks? What did you love about it?

*I partnered with Omaha Steaks for this post and any opinions are 100% my own. 

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