All Aboard Clay Cooper’s Country Express in Branson

On our way home from Branson last month, I asked my husband what his favorite show was that we attended while on the sponsored #BlogginBranson trip. He was quick to respond with Clay Cooper’s Country Express! That’s probably why he was so upset with me when I unpacked the suitcase and accidentally dropped and broke our signed Clay Cooper Bobblehead. He sure didn’t laugh like he was sitting in the audience during Branson’s Best Show!

Watch Clay Cooper's Country Express in Branson

All Aboard Clay Cooper’s Country Express

Yep, I broke the bobblehead and I was just as sad. It was signed by THE Clay Cooper, who I’d been looking forward to seeing for weeks before arriving in Branson. After watching a promo video for The Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center where Clay was “bathitating” in his themed suite I knew I was going have a blast! You don’t perform for 32 years in Branson without putting on a show that people love and Clay Cooper, his family, and the hilarious Matt Gumm did just that.

Bruno Mars Impersonation by Matt Gumm at Clay Cooper's Country Express in Branson

Clay Cooper’s Country Express features 24 entertainers who bring comedy, dancing, impersonations, and more to the stage. Add to that a live band and you’re in for an entertaining evening of singing and laughing. Oh, the laughter! Much of that was thanks to Matt Gumm who not only performs in the show but is also amazing at impersonations of Bruno Mars and ZZ Top among others.  

Gumm also puts on one heck of an opening skit with help from the audience! Getting the audience involved and engaged makes Clay Cooper’s Country Express even more special. Clay takes time during the show to get to know some of the audience, especially those visiting from Kiester, Minnesota. Did you know that is where a Preparation H commercial was filmed? I’m still laughing about that!

Clay Cooper's Country Express ImpersonationsWhen we weren’t laughing, we were clapping and tapping along to hit songs both country and a few current popular hits, as well a patriotic tribute to those served and are currently serving our country and a selection of gospel songs to showcase how important faith is to Branson. There are songs for people of all ages in Clay Cooper’s Country Express making it a great family show for all generations.

NSYNC impersonation at Clay Cooper's Country Express

Like the Hughes family, the Cooper family both entertains and runs the theater. From concessions to clean-up, to practicing, and performing they do it all, even Clay and Tina’s sons Colt (shown below) and Caden Cooper. They steal the show when they are on stage and both love to sing and make people laugh – working with Matt Gumm all day how could you not!

The Kids in Clay Cooper's Country Express in Branson

After the show, Clay and often his family, come out and chat with the guests. They are so warm, friendly, and inviting that you feel like you’re hanging out with family. We were able to ask them some questions afterward and I really wanted to know how Tina, Clay’s wife, manages her entertaining homeschooling sports playing busy family. Lots of planning and faith in God are what help her. Based on meeting her boys she’s doing an amazing job at motherhood and balancing family with work because they were both so polite, behaved, respectful, funny, and happy.

Clay Cooper's Wife and part of Clay Cooper's ExpressIf you are planning a trip to Branson, add Clay Cooper’s Country Express to your must-see list! I hear they put on a fantastic show for the holidays, Ozark Mountain Christmas, where the second half of the show is ALL CHRISTMAS! I wonder if Matt Gumm dresses up as Santa for it…?!
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  1. He gets the audience engaged beginning with the opening skit? That sounds like he really ropes them in. I’m adding this to my list of activities to see the next time I’m in Branson.

  2. I love that this is a family show full of FAMILY that signs, dances, and generally entertains. I love wholesome fun for kids of all ages (including me) and this sounds perfect. #BloggingBranson

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