9 Reasons to Stay at Worlds of Fun Village

Last weekend we took our daughter and some friends up to Worlds of Fun for her 16th birthday. I looked around at hotels and ended up booking a cabin at Worlds of Fun Village. The second we pulled into the parking spot I knew I made the right decision and we had an awesome stay at Worlds of Fun Village.

Staying at Worlds of Fun Village Cabins

9 Reasons to Stay at Worlds of Fun Village

#1 Affordable for Big Families

As soon as we had twins, we entered the two hotel room range. For the most part, aside from a few suites, a family of six needs to two rooms at hotels. That kills the budget when traveling. At World of Fun Village, the cabins sleep up to 8 people and cottages sleep up to 6 and our rate of $160 was more affordable than the local hotels for two rooms.

#2 Experience Tiny House Living

Opening the door to our cabin was like stepping into a tiny house and I loved every second. There is a living room with nice big windows, a kitchen with little breakfast nook, bedroom, and loft. Two futon couches in the living room pull out for sleeping, the bedroom sleeps two and the loft fit all three girls comfortably. The really loved the loft!

Inside the Cabins at Worlds of Fun Village

#3 Space Indoors and Outdoors

There is plenty of space to relax indoors and enjoy the view or watch one of the two TVs. Each cabin also includes their own outside patio with picnic table and charcoal grill.

The Cabins at Worlds of Fun Village

#4 Cook Meals Easily

The kitchen in the cabins makes it easy to cook meals. There is a small fridge with freezer space, microwave, coffeemaker, sink, and kitchen table to eat on.

Kitchen in Cabins at Worlds of Fun Village

#5 Quiet and Relaxing

Each cabin has a view of the pond with a small fountain. It makes for a nice and relaxing environment. Several of the cabins had people staying in them, including families with little kids and it was still quiet and relaxing. You could even hear the frogs croaking over the Mamba in the background.

#6 Easy Access to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun

Parking is included when staying at Worlds of Fun Village. You can either drive up to the parking lot or walk up a small hill right to the park. Both ways provide easy and quick access so you can come and go during your stay.

#7 Ticket Discounts for Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun

You can book a package deal at Worlds of Fun Village, that includes discount tickets to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. We saved at least $4 a ticket booking tickets online with our cabin.

#8 Pool and Hot Tub

Guests at Worlds of Fun Village also have access to a hot tub and pool unless they are closed for the season. They are located next to the check-in building but weren’t open when we stayed last week because brrrrr!

#9 Adorable Towel Animals

We were greeted by an adorable towel dog on the bed. It was a cute touch that we will always remember.

Learn more at WorldsofFun.com/stay/village

Why you should stay Worlds of Fun Village


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