9 Epic Places to Have Birthday Parties in Council Bluffs

Cake and ice cream, balloons, wrapping paper, invitations, goodie bags, and the list goes on. Planning a birthday party can require a lot of time and effort. If you’d rather just enjoy the day and leave most of the work (and clean up) to someone else, here are 9 Epic Places to Have Birthday Parties in Council Bluffs!

Places to Have Birthday Parties in Council Bluffs


There are currently three birthday party packages available at Thunderbowl and they start at $8.95 per person. All parties include bowling, and depending on the package you choose you will get things like pizza, soda, game cards, and more.

Godfather’s Pizza

We’ve held several birthday parties at Godfather’s on West Broadway. They have party room that is free to use, and the only requirement when we booked it was to order pizza. It’s a decent sized room with plenty of tables and seating, and I usually give the kids quarters to play the video games and claw machines.

Pizza King

There are 3 party rooms available at Pizza King for your next birthday party. No need to worry about food either, since you can order right there!

Canvas Concoctions

I recently told you about Canvas Concoctions opening up on the 100 Block and guess what? They host birthday parties! You choose the painting for the party guests to paint, and they can even take care of food, drinks, and decorations for you.

Council Bluffs Dance Center

If you have a little dancer, look into a birthday party at Council Bluffs Dance Center. My daughter had a party there and has been to several parties there, and they are always fun! Miss Dee Dee does a great job setting up the party, planning a dance number, and taking care of food, and making sure the kids all have fun!

InMotion Bounce and Gymnastics

You can book bounce birthday parties or gymnastic birthday parties at InMotion Bounce and Gymnastics. They just announced they will be moving to a new location, but they are still booking parties right now, as well as offering Open Bounce times this summer!

Pirates Cove Water Park and Katelman Water Park

You can book pool parties at either Pirates Cove or Katelman Water Park over the summer! Prices for parties with up to 30 people are $175 for Katelman and $200 for Pirates Cove.

Shady Lane Ranch

Plan a birthday party at Shady Lane Ranch, complete with hayrack rides, horse rides, or even a bonfire! We’ve been to and held a few parties at Shady Lane Ranch and loved every one of them They’ve all been in the fall, making for perfect weather.

AMC Theaters

Head to the movies for a birthday party at AMC Theaters! You can go early on the weekend to save some money, then grab lunch afterwards and open presents.

Where are your favorite places to have birthday parties in Council Bluffs?


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