9 Reasons to Try McALISTER’S Deli in Council Bluffs

McALISTER’S Deli in Council Bluffs opens on Friday, April 13th! Forget black cats and walking under ladders. This Friday the 13th is all about sweet tea, spuds, and a new delicious place to eat in town. I got the opportunity to check out McALISTER’S Deli menu last night and I brought my stretchy pants.

(This post and giveaway are in partnership with McALISTER’s Deli.)

Location of McALISTER'S Deli in Council Bluffs

8 Reasons to Try McALISTER’S Deli in Council Bluffs


Walking in, the ambiance reminded me of Panera but the menu has more options and a sweet tea that kept me reaching for my straw. My daughter tried the Lemonade Tea (available with sweetened or unsweetened tea) and it is the perfect spring drink combination!

McALISTER'S Deli Sweet Tea and Lemonade Tea


With a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads, spuds, shareables, and soups it can be hard to decide where to start. The “Choose 2” option is perfect for that dilemma. You can choose from half shareable, half sandwich, half salad, half spud, or a cup of soup. I started with the Savannah Chopped Salad and Black Angus Roast Beef Spud. Both were fork licking good. The roast beef was so flavorful and the honey roasted almonds took the salad to another level.

McALISTER'S DELI Choose 2 Menu


There are 6 types of giant spuds, 8 different salads, 8 side dish options, and 29 sandwiches and wraps. I’m telling ya…your taste buds will not get bored with this menu.  McALISTER’S Deli also offers gluten-sensitive and vegetarian options as well. Word is the McALISTER’S Club is a national favorite so I couldn’t leave without trying it. After just one bite I could see why it’s a favorite. Smoked turkey, black forest ham, bacon, sharp cheddar and swiss cheeses, tomatoes, mayo, and the oh so tasty McALISTER’S honey mustard stacked on wheat bread makes for a belly filling meal.

McALISTER'S Deli Club Sandwich

Another favorite of mine is the French Dip and a side of mashed potatoes with gravy. Homemade gravy at that! Trust me – you want to try it when you go.

McALISTER'S Deli French Dip

My daughter tried the Grilled Chicken with spring mix, tomatoes, swiss cheese, and McALISTER’S Deli honey mustard on a croissant. She really liked it and there was not a crumb left. I think it would be great with avocado or bacon too – both things you can add to any sandwich!


When you visit McALISTER’S Deli the Ultimate Nachos are a must. They reminded me of the cheese dip my mom makes on football Sunday’s but even better. Shh…don’t tell her I said that!

McALISTER'S Deli Shareables - Ultimate Nachos


I was not expecting to find such delicious desserts at McALISTER’S Deli. We’re talking house-baked cookies (the sugar cookies are SO good and I tasted a touch of lemon – yum!), brownies, dessert bars, New York cheesecake, Colossal Carrot Cake, and my favorite – the Chocolate Lovin’ Spooncake because you can dig into the chocolaty goodness with a spoon!

McALISTER'S Deli Desserts - Chocolate Lovin' Spooncake

McALISTER'S Deli Carrot Cake

#6 $0.99 KIDS MEALS

You read that right! When you dine in, McALISTER’S Deli offers $0.99 kids meal every day for kids under 12! For takeout, they are just $2.49. Each kids meal includes a treat and they can choose from things like sandwiches, mac & cheese, salads, spuds, nachos, and even cheese pita pizzas!


Not only can you order on the go with the  McALISTER’S Deli App but they also send out special offers. Things like free sweet tea and savings on your order.



From business meetings to family reunions to parties, McALISTER’s DELI Catering has you covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything in between. How fun would a Spuds Bar be at your next party? Or maybe a Croissant Box for your next work event? There are lots of catering options and they do everything from delivery to set-up.


McALISTER’S Deli isn’t just about bringing people together with free food. They are also about giving back to the community. For the month of April they are selling sugar cookies with blue sprinkles that help support Autism Speaks so make sure you grab one while you are there!

McALISTER'S Deli Autism Speaks Cookies

Now you have 9 reasons to try  McALISTER’S Deli in Council Bluffs when it opens on Friday! As if you even needed them! Plus, the wonderful folks at McALISTER’S have given me a $25 gift card to giveaway.


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  1. Oh my gosh so hard to choose! Everything looks so Good! Could you do a sample platter of everything 😁 definitely sweet tea!

  2. I love the pick 2 combo best! Half spud and big nasty sandwich. Oh, and a tall sweet tea to wash it down with! YUMMO!!!

  3. Looking forward to trying McAlister’s! I have never been to one and are excited you are opening one in Council Bluffs, Iowa! Want to try the Nachos!!

  4. I really love your food and would like to bring my family here soon ! Everyone is so polite and the food is out of this world !

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