8 Gorgeous Bike Trails in Iowa

Did you know there are 1800 miles of bike trails in Iowa?! With scenic views of Loess Hills and the Missouri River, Iowa is a great place for two wheels. Grab your helmet, pack your backpack, and a plan a ride down one of these 8 gorgeous bikes trails in Iowa!

1800 Miles of Gorgeous Bike Trails in Iowa - Here are 8 Iowa Bike Trails you'll want to ride!

8 Gorgeous Bike Trails in Iowa

#1 Cedar Valley Trails

A 110-mile system looping in Cedar Falls and Waterloo connects museums, hotels, restaurants, bars, and downtown districts.

Learn more: http://www.cedartrailspartnership.org/trail-info/paved-trails

#2 Fairfield Loop Trail 

This 15.9-mile bike trail runs through parks and wetlands in Fairfield, as well as over the Louden Bridge.

Learn more: http://www.jeffersoncountytrails.org/trails.htm

#3 High Trestle Trail 

Hop on this 25-mile trail that takes you on an art-filled nature ride through several small Iowa towns.  Take your wheels over the award-winning Trestle Bridge that sits 13 stories in the air, and enjoy the shade of a tree canopy while you ride through Ankeny, Sheldahl, Slater, Madrid, and Woodward.

Learn more: https://www.traveliowa.com/trails/high-trestle-trail/28/

#4 Raccoon River Valley Trail

Another Iowa Bike Trail taking you through many small Iowa towns, this 89-mile trail features many must-stops as well as lots of places to start and stop. Areas of this trail include Waukee, Ade, Redfield, Linden, Panora, Yale, Herndon, Jamaica, Dawson, Perry, Minburn, and Dallas Center.

Learn more: https://raccoonrivervalleytrail.org/

#5 Sauk River Trail 

You’ll find this 33-mile trail running through Lake View, Carnavron, Breda, Maple River, and Carroll. Features include several bars along the way as well as the weekly “T.H.I.R.S.T” ride on Thursday nights.

Learn more: http://www.sauk-trail.com/

#6 Three Rivers Trail

This trail crosses three rivers, hence the name, and covers 33-miles going from Rolfe, Bradgate, Rutland, Humboldt, Dakota, Thor, and Eagle Grove. With a mix of woodlands, grasslands, marshy areas, and open prairies there is plenty to take in around you.

Learn more: https://www.traveliowa.com/trails/three-rivers-trail/30/

#7 Trout Run Trail

This 11-mile loop trail runs along Decorah’s Trout Hatchery and passes by the world-famous Decorah eagle nest.

Learn more: https://www.troutruntrail.com/

#8 Wabash Trace Nature Trail 

This 62-mile nature trail is one of Iowa’s longest and most popular thanks in part to Thursday night “Taco Rides” from Council Bluffs to Mineola. This trail offers a beautiful view of Loess Hills as you hit the cities of Council Bluffs, Mineola, Silver City, Malvern, Imogene, Shenandoah, Coin, and Blanchard.

Learn more: https://www.wabashtrace.org/

Do you have a favorite Iowa Bike Trail?

Here are 8 Iowa Bike Trails you'll want to ride that cover over 1800 miles!

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