6 Things That Will Happen on the Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise

As a Blogging Branson Ambassador, I was provided with a complimentary experience aboard the Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise. Any opinions are 100% my own.  

Have you ever been on a dinner cruise? This was my first time doing something on a boat other than fishing and I can honestly tell you that I would pick a dinner cruise over fishing any day! After being lubricated with two tons of bananas and a nine-second slide into the water, Showboat Branson Belle set sail for her first dinner cruise back in 1994.

You’re probably wondering about the bananas, aren’t you? Table Rock Lake is protected and in order for Showboat Branson Belle to enter she had to be safe for the water and well, bananas offered the slickness and they are biodegradable so it was a win-win! Something else you’re probably wondering is what happens on the Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise. I’ve got the answer!

6 Things That Will Happen on the
Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise

#1 Scenery That Will Take Your Breath Away

Walking to the Showboat Branson Belle is a sight to see in itself. Not only are there fun polar bear statues with sporting adorable holiday scarves but there is also a giant Christmas Tree the greets you when you arrive. It’s gorgeous both when the sun is up and down.

Table Rock Lake is your view before you even get on the showboat. Give yourself extra time before boarding so you can enjoy the scenery. There’s time during the cruise as well thanks to an extended intermission that you can enjoy out on the decks during sunset, but it’s simply too pretty not to marvel in every second of it that you can.

#2 Audience Participation

As soon as I got on the Showboat Branson Belle I was literally shocked me with its size! A three-level dining theater that didn’t seem like it offered a bad seat anywhere. Well, unless you don’t like the possibility of being brought up on stage…then don’t sit on the floor!

Whether it’s being included in the pre-show antics or used as props during songs, audience participation happens aboard Showboat Branson Belle. I for one thoroughly enjoy watching willing vacationers make fools of themselves for the greater good of others. I also strongly hope I’m never chosen as one lol!

#3 So Much Laughter!

Audience participation is one reason there is so much laughter from the audience during a Showboat Branson Belle cruise. The pre-show and intermission show featuring comedian and magician Mike Bliss. I laughed so much and he was a fantastic compliment to the entire show.

#4 Family-Friendly Entertainment

Speaking of the show, the Showboat Branson Belle cast puts on a fast-paced entertaining show from start to finish. There are songs for everyone throughout the show and one of the best parts is when they perform more than 25 classic movie soundtrack hits in just under 10 minutes. With costume changes!

You’ll hear hit songs from movies like Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Frozen, Grease, and lots more. Plus, through the end of the year the show also features several Christmas songs including The 12 Days of Christmas that involves several members from the audience.

Dancing, singing, a live band that will have you tapping your foot, and a little comedy and magic thrown in the mix. There’s a reason Showboat Branson Belle is named America’s Most Entertaining Lake Adventure!

#5 Three-Course Dinner

The Showboat Branson Belle dinner menu features three courses. Depending on the ticket you book you will be served the standard three-course meal or offered upgrade options. I was served the standard three-course meal that started with a super yummy roll and mixed garden salad. The dressing was delicious and I forgot to find out what kind it was, but it was tasty!

The second-course included honey citrus chicken, slow-cooked pot roast in gravy, steamed green beans, and garlic mashed potatoes. Let me tell ya, those garlic mashed potatoes had me counting down the days to Thanksgiving!

The last course was a slice of Silver Dollar City’s Lemon Berry Ice Cream Pie. Frozen just like ice cream pie and perfect for munching on during the end of the show. Drinks include ice tea and coffee and there are allergen-free, vegetarian, and vegan options available if you speak to the server.

#6 Photo Opportunities

Not only can you snap some pretty sweet selfies on the deck but you’ll also get your picture taking with a green screen as you board. You’ll get the opportunity to buy your photo during the show if you want. There is also a fun holiday photo spot as you enter the boat that is a great place to snap a photo.

I highly encourage you to experience the two-cruise on Table Rock Lake aboard the Showboat Branson Belle if you haven’t. That’s a view I want to take in every time I’m in Branson and I can see why so many people want to buy condos near there. If you know of one for sale let a girl know!

Learn More: Showboat Branson Belle Website

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