6 Reasons to Try Smoothie King Omaha

Thank you to Smoothie King for inviting me out and proving a reader giveaway. This is a sponsored post and any opinions are 100%  my own.

If you’ve been saying that you wish you could find a delicious and nutritious smoothie in the Omaha area, well, your requests were recently answered! About 2 months ago, Smoothie King opened it’s doors off of 89th West Center Road in Omaha.

Set on the corner of the shopping strip, Smoothie King has….wait for it…..a drive thru!! Yep, you can get your smoothie on without leaving your air conditioned car in your sweaty workout clothes!

I joined a few fellow Omaha Bloggers out at Smoothie King recently and our mission? To sample as many smoothies as we could! Okay not really, but there were 8 Smoothie King Smoothies on our taste test menu.

  • Angel Food with Banana and Strawberry – this is the number one seller for Smoothie King Omaha!
  • Mangofest with Orange, Mango, and Pineapple
  • Lemon Twist Strawberry with Strawberry, Lemon, and Papaya – we had it “made skinny” which means it is reduced up to 100 calories because they remove the Turbinado.
  • Almond Mocha High Protein with Coffee – this is perfect for coffee lovers and makes a great breakfast replacement. This smoothie contains 30 grams of protein!
  • Chocolate Gladiator with Peanut Butter and Banana – this is great for those wanting a low carb and high protein meal replacement or post workout replacement. You can choose 2 fruits or peanut butter, and chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla protein. 
  • Berry Carrot Dream with Carrots, Orange, Apple, Strawberry, and Banana
  • Pineapple Surf with Pineapple, Strawberry, and Kiwi
  • The Hulk Vanilla with Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Banana. This is similar to a shake and great for those looking to gain quality weight, or enjoy a yummy treat. This shake was originally created for cancer patients going through chemo that needed a soft treat to enjoy. You can choose vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. 

My favorite was The Hulk Vanilla and I could have polished off several! The only ones I didn’t care for were Almond Mocha because of the coffee flavor and Mangofest because I’m not  fan of mangos. Other than that, they were all really very good. The flavor was fantastic and the texture was perfect! Just in case you need it, here are 6 Reasons to Try Smoothie King Omaha!

1) Smoothie King Smoothies are made with all natural ingredients including real fruit and real fruit juices.

2) Smoothie King offers a variety of smoothies, in 3 sizes, and in lots of flavors. There are Nutritious Smoothie Meals, Refreshing Fruit Smoothies, and Local Selections! There are over 50 flavors in the Smoothie King Omaha Menu I brought home – that’s A LOT!

3) Smoothie King offers Enhancers for those ages 18 and older to add to their smoothies. Things like a Caffeine Charge, Diet Down, Energy Boost, Muscle Builder, and more.

4) Smoothie King has Kids Cup for those little smoothie drinkers! Flavors include Apple Kiwi Bunga, Choc-A-Laka, Lil’ Angel, and Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz. Each Kids Cup also includes a multi-vitamn, but you can ask for it to be left out if you don’t want it.

5) Smoothie King offers 25 Smoothies UNDER 300 calories!

6)  Each Smoothie King Smoothie is custom made when you order!

Next time you are looking for a delicious drink or even a meal, head to Smoothie King and slurp on something tasty and nutritious! 

Have you tried Smoothie King?

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