321 Cake Mix Recipe

It has been a crazy week so Menu Monday is late. I’m going to share a recipe I originally posted about a year ago over at SweetiesFreebies.com because it is easy and great to have on hand for the chilly weather!

321 Cake Mix Recipe
  • One Box of Angel Food Cake Mix
  • One Box of Cake Mix – any flavor you want

Mix together the Angel Food Cake Mix and other Cake Mix together in a ziploc bag. This way you can store your 321 Cake Mix and dig whenever you need a quick snack. When you are ready, work your magic.
1) Get out a cup or small bowl
2) Add 3 TBS Cake Mix
3) Add 2 TBS Water
4) Stir and heat for 1 Minute in the micorwave
Ta-da! 321 Cake Mix is ready for your enjoyment. You can even have fun with it by adding chocolate chips, nuts, or any other other topping you would like! 

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