3 Reasons to Experience Vino van Gogh

Thank you to Vino van Gogh for the complimentary classes, as well as the giveaway! Any opinins are 100% my own. 

If you have ever wanted to find a new hobby, try something new, or wanted a change from the usual night out….you need to try painting! I fell in love with painting canvases after my first attempt and don’t do it nearly as often as I would like to. Last week I met up with Nicole from Mom Saves Money for Vino van Gogh at Moonstruck Meadery in Bellevue, Nebraska and unleashed my creative side.

3 Reasons to Try Vino Van Gogh

1) Painting is Fun (even if you’ve never done it)

The fun thing about painting is there is no right or wrong. No one is better than anyone else. Even with a teacher and a set painting for the entire class, each person covers the canvas in their style. It was a double date at Vino van Gogh for us and my husband was a bit fearful at first. Within about 5 minutes he was letting loose and having fun. Everyone can do it – seriously!

2) Experience Local

With Vino Van Gogh, their classes are held at various locations across the city. Not only do you get to paint and have fun, but you can also eat and drink at the establishment where the class is being held. This is a great way to try somewhere new, or enjoy an old favorite with an added twist. I had never been to Moonstruck Meadery, or had Mead, and I did tried both the night we were there and will be back for sure!

Vino van Gogh solely hosts events at local venues where our artists and our guests live and work. Our concept is based on the idea that we can bring engaging, unique fun events for the community to enjoy at existing neighborhood wine and coffee bars, restaurants and other venues. Unlike other art edu-tainment (education + entertainment) companies, we support the businesses in your community, not compete with them for your business.

3) It’s Affordable

For $38.00 you get the class, any supplies needed, and a beautiful hand painted canvas to take home. Many of the venues where Vino van Gogh classes are held also offer specials to help you save on dining!

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