26 Weeks and Full of Grunts and Moans

This week marks 26 weeks. I feel more like 36 weeks. I was out with Deuces Wild & An Ace in the Hole this past weekend and she asked me if it was easier being pregnant at 20 than 30. Um. YES! With my first pregnancy, 11 years ago, I felt fantastic. I remember saying, “I could be pregnant all the time. This is wonderful.” But now? I feel tired, worn out, achy, and sore. I have felt that way almost from day one.

I grunt when I bend over to pick things up. 
I moan when I have to get up out of bed. 
I am keeping Angel Soft in business at this point.  
I’ve gained about 22 lbs so far and it should keep adding up over the next few months. At this point, my wedding ring from 10 years ago fits again! That was a happy and sad moment all at once. I gained a lot of weight with my daughter and when I took it all off, my ring was gigantic. I will work hard again after I have the twins, but for now, I am enjoying having the ring back on my finger – until I get so swollen that it doesn’t fit again…..

In two weeks I will have another doctor visit and that brings the dreaded Glucose Testing and RhoGAM Shot. I can handle the shot, I have had many before. Drinking that awful orange stuff is another story. It is soooo cold and having to drink it so fast gives me brain freeze. Fingers crossed that the test results come back in good standing though. 

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