2012 Hy-vee Cake Designer Challenge

The 2012 Hy-vee Cake Designer Challenge Regional Round was held at the Mall of the Bluffs today. Bringing 30 cake designer from Nebraska and Iowa together for a frosting against frosting, cake against cake event! The icing on the cake is a cash prize and spots in the finals that will be held in Des Moines on March 28th.

I drooled around and snapped pics of just some of  the creations on display. I wonder how many pounds of frosting they went through?! 🙂
Each designer chose a theme for their cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Theme, creativity, technique and speed were all factors in the final scores.
Cupcakes were found as the canvas for many cake shapes. Great for kids parties and so many different things you can create with a cupcake base.

Bakers are given three hours to decorate one dozen cookies, two sheet cakes, 24 cupcakes and a feature cake.  Um, yeah. I’m lucky to get ONE halfway edible looking cake done in three hours. Knowing that makes these even more amazing!

I especially enjoyed the USA Themed Table. Love the oreo cookie and twix additions to the tank. This would be fun to try for my son’s birthday party in a few weeks. 😀 The pirate themed table was one of my hubby’s favorites. The skull had tons of little details and colors on it, pretty neat if I do say so myself.

Live, Laugh, Love is one of my favorite sayings and with all the bright colors how could you know feel the love from this cake. 😉

Of course I had to snap a shot of the ladybug cake!
How adorable would these be for a little girl’s birthday?!

2nd Place went to Nicole Gruber and I though her display was eye catching. The Coffee Latte cake below was unique and fun.

First Place went to Katie O’Conner with Katie’s Krab Shack. Katie is the defending Champion and two-time winner of the Hy-vee Cake Decorating Challenge. Can she pull it off for a third time this year at the finals on the 28th?!

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