10 Reasons to Love eCreamery

You know when you visit somewhere in town and think “why haven’t I been here sooner?” That’s exactly how I felt this morning at eCreamery in Omaha. I was invited out with other fellow Omaha Bloggers to get a sneak peek at the new eCreamery Website that will be launching on May 13th, as well as to learn to more about the deliciousness that is eCreamery.

Sitting on the corner of 50th & Underwood Ave in the Dundee area, eCreamery is an inviting ice cream parlor style joint that will have you coming back for more after one bite. It was hard for me to stop asking for tester spoons of all the flavors to be honest. Creamery, flavor explosions in each bite kept tempting me back to the counter. If you haven’t been to eCreamery, here are 10 Reasons to Love eCreamery, and yes, after one visit, and lots of eating, I feel my taste buds are educated enough to make you fall in love with eCreamery too.

10 Reasons to Love eCreamery 

1) Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet

 eCreamery offers Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet! If you wondering what the heck the difference is, here is little break down…..

Sorbet is non-dairy, fat free, and, gluten-free. eCreamery uses an Italian Style recipe making it much less icy than traditional American sherbet.

Gelato has more butterfat than sorbet but less ice than ice cream.

Ice Cream has a higher butterfat content than sorbet and gelato, as well as more air in the mixture.

2) Create Your Own Flavor

At ecreamery.com you can create your OWN custom flavor in six easy steps. Choose from over 40 flavors, 50 mix-ins, choose your packaging, and even title your special flavors! There are 5 different package options to choose from when ordering your own flavor and they range from 3.5oz party cups up to a “Big Time” Party Pack that will soon be available!

3) Personalized Pints

You can personalize the labels on your pints both online and by calling ahead. This is a fun way to give a personalized gift, have at a wedding, party, or business event, or just to create because it’s awesome! Seriously, where else can you create a custom flavor and personalized label on your own ice cream creation? No. Where.

Give Mom a 1-Of-A-Kind Gift this #MothersDay & #SayItWithIceCream! Custom Creations & Personalization w/ @ecreamery! pic.twitter.com/bTvkTR9RiM
— Lisa Collins (@amomontheside) April 28, 2015

4) Dundee Dozen

Purchase the Dundee Dozen Sundae that includes 12 scoops and 12 toppings, and if you can eat it all in under 20 minutes you will be the proud new owner of a Dundee Dozen T-Shirt! Many have attempted, many have failed…will you demolish the Dundee Dozen in time? Alone? If you do – come back and let me know!

5) Small Batch Creations

Beginning June 1st, eCreamery will introduce Small Batch Creations and I got the chance to sample “Summer’s Fab 5” that will be available June 1st – Labor Day. The flavors included in “Summer’s Fab 5” Small Batch Creations include:

  • Berry Cobbler
  • Maple Blonde Brownie
  • S’mores
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Rocky Road Revamp

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be a tie between Maple Blonde Brownie and Berry Cobbler. But, they were all really tasty!

    A little secret, locals have the “Omaha Advantage” of being able to personalize the title of a single pint in the Small Batch Creations Collection for only $9.00!

    6) “Create Your Own Flavor” Contest

    You can create your own ice cream flavor at eCreamery.com and each month, one lucky person will get a pint of their flavor, free of charge!

    7) $2.00 Single Scoop Tuesday

    Every Tuesday you can enjoy $2.00 Single Scoop at eCreamery!

    8) Shark Tank Flavors

    You may remember that eCreamery went on Shark Tank  and although they didn’t get a bite from any sharks, amazing things did happen. They made the amount they asked for in capital in the first three months after the show aired and they continue to have sales spikes each time the show reruns. You can even enjoy Shark Tank Flavors:

    Kevin’s Shark Bait: Sea Salt Caramel Gelato with Chocolate Covered Pretzels
    Robert’s InvestMint Mix: Premium Mint Ice Cream with Oreo Cookie Pieces
    Barbara’s Delicious Dividends: Double Vanilla Ice Cream with Cashew Brittle and Caramel Swirls
    The Cubanero: Spicy Dark Chocolate Sorbetto
    Daymond’s Fashionable Flavor Factory: Cake Mix Ice Cream with an explosion of Chocolate Candies

    9)  7 Days a Week with 16 Daily Rotating Flavors

    You can enjoy a new flavor at eCreamery every day! There are 16 daily rotating flavors and you can check them out daily at eCreamery.com/local to see what’s on the menu. Located at 5001 Underwood Avenue in Omaha, eCreamery is open 7 days a week and hours are:

    Friday & Saturday Noon – 11 PM
    Sunday – Thursday Noon – 10 PM

    10) Signature Flavors Supporting Local Non-Profits

    Each month, eCreamery features a Signature Flavor created for local cause or charity. For each pint sold of the Signature Flavor, eCreamery will donate $1.00 to the organization. Take a look at he upcoming non-profits that will have signature flavors:

    May: Maple Street YMCA
    June: Omaha Community Playhouse 90th Anniversary
    July: Omaha Girls Rock
    August: Durham Museum
    September: United Way
    October: Komen – Nebraska & Goodwill Industries

    Why do you love eCreamery?

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