10 Reasons to Check Out Family Fare in Council Bluffs

If you pulled up to the No Frill on Valley View drive today, you may have noticed a change. No Frill is no more. Today was the grand re-opening of Family Fare. This is the first Family Fare to open in the city and I partnered with them to check it out and tell you all about the new store, and offer a giveaway! Check out 10 reasons you need to check out Family Fare in Council Bluffs!

Inside Family Fare in Council Bluffs, Iowa

10 Reasons to Check out Family Fare in Council Bluffs

1) Build Your Own 6-Pack

That’s right, I’m starting with alcohol and if you have trouble making up your mind, you can build your own 6-Pack for $8.99 at Family Fare! There are all sorts to choose from including beer, flavored drinks, IPA, and more.

Beer at Family Fare in Council Bluffs, Iowa

2) Build Your Own K-Cup 24 Pack

It’s not just alcohol, it’s coffee too! Stop by the Pick and Sip at Family Fare to choose from a variety of K-Cup flavors to build your own pack of 24 K-Cups. They even have hot cocoa!

Coffee at Family Fare in Council Bluffs, Iowa

 3) Certified Tender Ridge Angus Locally Supplies

Stop by the back of the store and see what the Butcher Shop has ready for the grill. Family Fare offers Certified Tender Ridge Angus in both seasoned and unseasoned varieties, as well as many different cuts.Tender Ridge Angus is high quality tender meat with a certification to prove it, and in order to earn that the meat has to meet the following requirements:

  • USDA tenderness audits
  • 14-Day minimum aging
  • Proper monitoring and labeling
  • Shear-force testing (scientific standard to evaluate tenderness)
  • Special employee training programs so they can make sure the meat is ready for us to enjoy!

Meat at Family Fare in Council Bluffs, Iowa

4) Living Well Section

When you walk in to Family Fare there is a fantastic fresh fruits and veggies section. Just beyond is the Living Well Section with over 2000 products that are better and healthier for you.There’s gluten-free, allergen-free organic, vegan, Non-GMO products, and more, as well as health and wellness products. It was nice to see this section so prominent in the store, instead of tucked away hidden in a corner. Keep your eyes out for Free Living Well Magazines that will hit the store in August.

5) Cafe & Deli

Family Fare does have a deli with ready to go foods, deli meats, and more. Plus, there is a little Cafe next to it so you can enjoy lunch at a table instead of in the car.

6) Bakery

Cakes, donuts, breads, and the list goes on. The bakery at Family Fare may be worth checking out for your next birthday party cake!

7) Baby Club

It is free to sign up for Family Fare’s Baby Club and you will earn a $10 gift card for every $100 you spend on baby items.

8) Pet Club

It is free to sign up for Family Fare’s Pet Club and you will earn a $10 gift card for every $100 you spend on pet items.

9) yes Rewards Card

It is free to sign up for a yes Card with Family Fare and it is your ticket to personalized coupons, freebies, surprises, and perks. You can sign up quickly and easily in-store or online at ShopFamilyFare.com/Yes-Card.

10) Grand Re-Opening Specials

There are lots of grand re-opening specials at Family Fare in Council Bluffs. When I was shopping last night I scored $1.57 gallons of milk, $1.77 Doritos and Tostitos, $0.88/lb grapes, and more. If meat is on your list, they have Pork Sirloin Chops BOGO Free and cheap ground beef. Don’t forget that the Wiener Mobile will be in the parking lot on July 22nd from 11-2 PM and there are lots of prizes to win right now!

If you don’t live in the Council Bluffs/Omaha Area, find a Family Fare near you and check out what’s going on in store!

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